Prop January Updates- All in One Place!

The first month of the year has come and gone very quickly. We are here with another video where we will cover all of the updates throughout January with the most popular prop trading firms. The updates we are talking about will cover features that individual prop trading firms implemented.

The Funded Trader

Let’s start with The Funded Trader. They made two key updates in January.

  • The first update was the introduction of what they called the Kings program. This special program was developed to benefit the traders who have been with them for longer. So, essentially, they’re trying to reward loyalty.
  • The second update they did was regarding their affiliate program. The affiliate program has been completely revamped and updated. The new affiliate program will have three tiers with special rewards.

True Forex Funds

Next up, we have True Forex Funds. So, they’ve made three changes during the first month of 2023.

  • The first change was the profit Target requirement of phase two. Previously they had a profit Target of 4% in phase two, but now they’ve increased it to 5%.
  • The second update was regarding minimum trading day requirements. True Forex Funds previously had no minimum trading day requirements. However, traders must trade a minimum of five calendar days in each evaluation phase before becoming funded.
  • The last change is regarding payout Cycles. Traders are now eligible to receive their first payout in profit after 14 calendar days from the time they place their first trade on their funded account.

Finotive Funding

Finotive Funding is another prop trading firm that implemented multiple changes in January. They have removed three of their rules.

  • The first is the removal of the maximum exposure rule. They’ve also removed their maximum trading period and the removal of minimum trading day requirement rules.
  • The second update was the release of their third funding program. Now, Traders can choose between seven different one-step evaluation account sizes.
  • The last update Finotive Funding implemented in January is the Traders no longer have to cover their previous losses.

City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium implemented One update in January. So they’ve introduced a free trial option for all of their traders. This allows traders to test live market conditions before joining their prop trading firm. This is a massive update since testing live market conditions can be, you know, a significant factor when deciding which prop trading firm suits the individual the most.

TopTier Trader

TopTier Trader is another attractive choice in the prop trading firm industry. They’ve also implemented the following changes through January.

  • The first and second updates are regarding indices. Traders are now required to respect a new lot size limit on all indices and the change of the contract size for indices. The contract size of indices has been changed to 10.
  • Another update was made on the maximum trading period of phase one on the toptier and toptier Plus accounts. Traders now have 40 calendar days to complete phase one.
  • Lastly, the fourth update that TopTier Trader implemented is their new payout method. Traders are now allowed to receive payouts through deel.

Leveled Up Society

Next up, we have Leveled Up Society. They’ve changed the use of EAs in evaluation and funding accounts. So, traders that have purchased just an evaluation account after the 1st of January are not allowed to use EAs on their new accounts. While their previous traders that purchased their accounts back in 2022 are still allowed to use EAs.


Lastly, we’ll be covering BluFX. Now we’re glad to announce that BluFX has dealt with the technical difficulties of its Traders not being able to trade properly. They are currently operating normally. In addition, they have also restored all their trader’s lost subscriptions. At the same time, hosting a special event called Meet the CEO. This event took place on the 11th of January, where the CEO of BluFX answered all the questions from their Community regarding the issues.

You can watch the full video for more details of the Prop January Updates:

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We hope you find these Prop January Updates helpful. Best of Luck for the February!