The Funded Trader Updates- What’s the issue?

The Funded Trader was incorporated on the 12th of May 2021. They have agreements with Eightcap and Purple Trading Seychelles as their brokers. Angelo Ciaramello is a 24-year-old New Jersey entrepreneur who founded The Funded Trader. His company started as a startup that gamified capital markets retail trading. The goal was to provide an opportunity for individual traders to enhance their skills with the firm’s capital. The firm has made the top spot on the ranking’s leaderboard.

The Funded Trader Updates

The Funded Trader has been experiencing issues related to their capacity, Eightcap, which they have resolved, and credential delays. They have shared that they are doing everything to make sure that everything is okay at the moment. The Funded Trader shared some updates related to the issues, which are as follows:


The Funded Trader shared that all March Competition accounts have been enabled. You can contact their support team if you are still experiencing issues trying to place trades on your account. If reaching out, including the account number and registered email address for faster assistance.


Due to the recent capacity limitations the firm has experienced, as previously announced, have also created a delay in account credentials. The firm shared that its team is actively working on these issues. The newly purchased accounts will receive their credentials soon. However, they kindly asked traders to stay patient as their systems returned to normal operational speed.

Please allow until the end of the business day today for their team to have all queued credentials reprocessed.


The Funded Trader shared that they had a brief server delay with Eightcap that caused temporary freezing and lagging on the client’s end. The firm solved the issue. However, if you had any trades that were negatively affected between 17:20 – 17:58 server time, traders can reach out to their support team.

Although, they shared that if any of their community is still facing issues, they can always reach out to them. And if you want to read about their MT4 Live Server, click on the link, and for MT5 Live Server, click on the link.