The 5%ers New High Stake Challenge!

The 5%ers Funding Traders & Growth Program was introduced in 2016 to give full-time traders access to more capital than they would typically have. They are fervently committed to their line of work. The 5%ers is a legally recognized UK business with its headquarters in London and 14 Haroshet Street in Raanana, Israel.

Traders are permitted to manage account sizes up to $4,000,000 and open three accounts at once. You will be compensated with 50% to 100% profit splits depending on the funding program you select.

The 5%ers New High Stake Challenge

After the Bootcamp challenge, The 5%ers is here again with another incredible addition to their funding programs. The firm shared that it received constant requests for a 2-step program. So, The 5%ers acted on the request and have now announced the “High Stake Challenge” program.

It is important for traders to know that this kind of program will have a very low passing rate as it encourages high-risk trading. This is High-Risk-High-Reward Program for The Confident Trader. A few essential characteristics of the High Stake Challenge are as follows:

  • Receive a Reward from phase one.
  • The fastest scaling plan in the industry.
  • Profit split up to 100%.
  • Salary ($4000/$10000).
  • Leverage 1:100.
  • Absolute Drawdown.
  • Holding indices over the weekend is allowed but carries a high swap.
  • Maximum number of active accounts per trader: 1
  • Scaling up to $500,000

Trading Objectives

Step 1Step 2High Stakes Trader
Max Trading Period30 days60 daysIndefinite
Minimum Profitable Days333
Maximum Daily loss5%5%5%
Maximum Loss10%10%10%
Profit Target8%5%10% for growth
Cost$495 –

And that’s not all; they also have a scaling plan, and you can read more about The 5%ers and their New High Stake Challenge in our updated Review.

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