TopTier Trader Monthly Statistics- February 2023 Edition!

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TopTier Trader February Statistics

Prop or proprietary trading companies have recently begun disclosing their monthly statistics to the general public. These statistics are more than just numbers; they offer a singular window into the company’s trading performance and reliability. TopTier Trader is one of those prop firms that shared their February (2023) monthly statistics.

Several factors are driving this trend of sharing monthly statistics among prop firms. First, monthly statistics sharing demonstrates transparency and accountability, two qualities traders value. Prop firms can increase trust and forge closer ties with their community by being transparent and honest about their performance and proving that they are a reliable prop company.

 So, let’s take a look at the TopTier Trader February statistics (2023):

  • Total Volume Traded in February: 427,121.76
  • Most Traded Instruments by Volume:
    • GBPJPY: 65,567.48
    • EURUSD: 59,310.82
    • XAUUSD: 57,035.41
  • Total Volume Traded (Closed Trades in February): 391,736.39
  • Most Traded Instruments (By closed trades):
    • GBPJPY: 61,658.12
    • US30: 55,188.45
    • XAUUSD: 54,774.94
  • Total Payouts in February: $549,674.29

Top 5 Payouts of February:

  1. $35,923.58 (Account Size: 300k)
  2. $26,075.14 (Account Size: 300k)
  3. $22,123.79 (Account Size: 200k)
  4. 19,602.07 (Account Size: 300k)
  5. 19,170.50 (Account Size: 300k)

These are incredible monthly shared by TopTier Trader. Their track record speaks for itself, consistently delivering impressive results and outperforming the market. It’s no wonder they are considered one of the top firms in the industry. The traders, no doubt, have a great hand in this as they are constantly working great. In conclusion, February has been successful for TopTier Trader.

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