The 5%ers Trader’s Interview- Financial Advisor to a Trader!

The 5%ers Funding Traders & Growth Program was introduced in 2016 to give full-time traders access to more capital than they would typically have. The 5%ers is a legally recognized UK company with its headquarters in London and 14 Haroshet Street in Raanana, Israel.

The sizes of your instant funding accounts, which can be scaled up to $4,000,000 in size, are $5,000, $10,000, and $20,000, respectively. Additionally, you have the option of selecting their rigorous two-step evaluation program.

The 5%ers Trader’s Interview

It is Motivating Friday! The 5%ers have shared an interview with a trader. Denislav has been trading with The 5%ers for over a year. He is funded by the Instant Funding and Bootcamp programs. He shared his trading plan, insights, and lessons gained while trading in the markets and their platform as funded traders.

Denislav started by introducing himself. He is in his 30s and spends too much time in front of his computer, usually playing video games or staring at charts lately. He is a financial adviser in the US. Denislav specialized in personal financial planning and wealth management.

He shared his trading journey. Denislav trades quite a few things on a few platforms. The method he has been working hard on lands somewhere in the middle of a swing trading and position trading style. He holds trades anywhere from several hours to several days. This depends on what the next move or wave in the market appears to be.

Denislav incorporates market structures, moving averages, and divergence to guide him when looking for entries. Over time and while trying to perfect his trading method, it has taught him patience. He also shared that he has become more selective in approaching the market and when to look for entries.

Advice to Traders

His advice to traders is to start small, take their time, and use the resources they have access to through The 5%ers fantastic community. It is everything a person needs to develop as a trader; they need to give it time and practice. There is certainly more that you can learn from The 5%ers Trader’s Interview, so watch it:

And if this The 5%ers Trader interview intrigues you and you want to learn more about the firm, read the Review we have prepared for you. The 5%ers has recently launched another program; you can also read about it by clicking the link.