Fidelcrest New Weekly Leaderboard Awards. Who’s Ready?

Fidelcrest is a proprietary trading firm founded in 2018 by Forex traders and professionals, while the official incorporation of the firm took place in 2020. Their headquarters are in Nicosia, Cyprus, and their IT department is in Tallinn, Estonia. They offer their clients a chance to work with up to $2,000,000 capital and use Fidelcrest Markets as their broker.

Fidelcrest Weekly Leaderboard Awards

Fidelcrest is excited to announce the start of their weekly Leaderboard Awards for all their trading account holders. This is a chance for you to showcase your trading skills and be recognized as one of the best traders in our community.

  • The Leaderboard Awards are open to all trading accounts. They are based on the most significant profit earned in each account ranking class. If you have the highest equity in your account size ranking class and you have passed on to the next phase, you will be eligible to win the weekly Leaderboard Award.
  • This means that every week they’ll have a reward for the trader with the most significant profit (based on equity = closed trades). Traders will be selected for every account size, regardless of its Phase 1, Phase 2, or Funded Phase.

You can watch the leaderboard and your ranking in it your Trader Area. Since Fidelcrest allows weekend trading, the winner will be determined every Sunday at 23:59:59 EET, and the contest will reset every Monday @ 00:00:01 EET.

  • The Leaderboard Award is withdrawable to the method of your choice. Once you have won the award, you can withdraw the funds to your preferred method.
  • To participate in these exciting Leaderboard Awards, you must ensure you are trading according to our objectives and rules. Violating any of the trading objectives will make you ineligible to participate, and your account will be disqualified.

To read more details about the Fidelcrest Weekly Leaderboard Awards, click on the link. And to read about the firm, Fidelcrest, click on this link.

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