Funded Trading Plus Trader’s Interview- $800,000 profit!

Funded Trading Plus is a proprietary trading firm incorporated on the 2nd of November, 2021, and officially launched on the 16th of December, 2021. Their main office is in London, United Kingdom. They give their customers access to an account with up to $200,000 in capital that can be scaled to $2,500,000. They have integrated their technology with Melbourne, Australia-based EightCap, an ASIC-regulated broker.

Funded Trading Plus Interview

We are here to share a Funded Trading Plus interview. The trader is from Dubai, and his name is Usman. He has profited over 16 and a half thousand dollars. Usman is currently up another 37,000 in his funded account. His profession is like a civil engineer. He already has 13 years of experience working in civil engineering. Recently like, for five years, he has been involved in trading. When Bitcoin was hyped in the mainstream media in 2017 and 2018, he came to know about trading.

Usman started with crypto, but at the start of the trading, everyone wanted to make a profit; they had a dream. So, the first two years were the same; they were up and down and had losses. After two years, he came to know about Forex Trading. He was streaming on YouTube and finding different tools indicators. Then he found his mentor; his name was BBT Black Box trading.

He started to make money in the start, but later on, whatever he made; he lost it. Usman shared that his passion has been trading since he came to do trading. It attracts him because whenever you like something you love to do, you do it perfectly, even if you don’t find the time.

He shared more in the Funded Trading Plus interview, so why don’t you watch it:

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