Prop Trading Industry Weekly Glimpse. Who wants to look?

Hello everyone! As another week comes to an end, Forex Prop Reviews is here again to give you a Weekly glimpse. This week has been particularly exciting for the prop industry as many firms made changes, organized events, and discount offers!

So, let’s take a look at the Prop Weekly Glimpse:

Finotive Funding

Finotive Funding is arranging another meetup at Wembley Stadium. Register your interest before Tuesday, 21st March 2023! Click on the link to read the details.

Lux Trading Firm

To accommodate their traders, Lux Trading Firm has announced another account size, a 25k account size which can be scaled up to 10 million. For details, click on the link.

City Traders Imperium

  • City Traders Imperium has announced they have made some changes in their payout policy and first withdrawals. Click on the link to read about it.
  • City Traders Imperium has shared that they are making some changes in the Active Trading Days requirement in their challenges. For details, click on the link.


Fidelcrest is excited to announce the start of their weekly Leaderboard Awards for all of their trading account holders. For more details, click on the link.

Leveled Up Society

Leveled Up Society has announced another Limited-time special offer for its traders, which includes a 10% discount, 125% refund, and more. Click on the link to read the details.

The Trading Pit

  • The Trading Pit is delighted to announce the launch of its first free educational publication (Free e-book): Prop Trading 101! For details, click on the link.
  • The Trading Pit has announced that they have added Crypto Payments to their system to simplify global transactions. Click on the link for more details.
  • The firm also announced a strategic alliance with Edge clear, a forward-thinking futures broker that offers customer support. For more details, click on the link.


As FundedNext has always tried to do its best, they have been awarded the Best New Prop Trading Firm by The Global Economics Awards 2022. For details on the awards, click on the link.

My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds has shared that they had a small glitch due to a Metatrader5 update on their MT5 demo yesterday. Click on the link to read more about it.

The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader shared some important announcements about the Treasure hunt app, weekly AMA, and new account sizes. For a brief reading, click on the link.

TopTier Trader

TopTier Trader has announced that it will be joining the FX Summit 2023 and is proud to be a part of this massive movement hosted! For more details, click on the link.

Blue Guardian

Blue Guardian‘s Instagram has reached 9k Followers, and to celebrate this, they have announced a 9k followers Discount. For details about the offer, click on the link.

You don’t have to wait for our weekly glimpse to learn about Prop Industry. You can always read the Latest Prop News and Most Relevant Prop Trading Facts.