My Forex Funds Updates and Advice for Traders!

My Forex Funds is a proprietary trading firm founded in July 2020. They offer undercapitalized traders three different account types to get funded with and a chance to work with up to $2,020,000 capital while earning up to 90% profit splits. They provide themselves with the broker, Traders Global Group, whose servers are in Frankfurt, Germany.

  • Unlimited evaluation-free retries.
  • Low commission costs.
  • Low fees.
  • Leverage 1:50 – 1:500.
  • Three different account types.

My Forex Funds New Updates and Advice

Greetings everyone! We hope your March has been great. Don’t forget to take note of the various daylight savings times observed around the world. Make sure your time is accurate because, on Saturday, time across Europe changed. That being said, My Forex Funds has some new updates and advice to share with the traders.

My Forex Funds shared a quick positive message to let their community know that so far this month, they have paid out: $14,607,215.65 to their traders. This is fantastic, considering everything happening in the world right now.

The firm also shared that many of the payouts have come from traders of the FX Majors and JPY crosses and the famous XAU/USD pair. CFDs have been quite disastrous for traders this month.

My Forex Funds also advised their traders that although they allow traders to trade during news, they certainly don’t encourage it. News is the most illiquid time to trade, and conditions are not very favorable to traders. They also shared that they can say with certainty that they do not have consistent traders in their VIP program who are trading news spikes.

My Forex Funds has shared these new updates and advice for traders so that they can let their traders know that they have their backs!

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