Big News: Alpha Capital Group and Traders Eco Acquisition

Alpha Capital Group is a proprietary and leading investment and management service company. They have offices in London, UK, offering traders a chance to work with capital up to $2,000,000 with 80% profit splits. After getting funded, traders are eligible for bi-weekly payouts. There are no minimum profit targets. The prop firm offers four different evaluation account sizes with straightforward rules.

  • News trading allowed.
  • Scaling account option.
  • Leverage 1:100.
  • Professional trading dashboard.

Alpha Capital Group and Traders Eco Acquisition

Are we ready for some big and exciting news? Traders Eco has announced that the Alpha Capital Group has acquired them. Alpha Capital Group is a leading investment and management service company based in the UK. The Acquisition news of Traders Eco by Alpha Capital Group is making rounds in the industry.

Companies acquire other firms to expand their market presence, product lines, and customer base. This enables them to increase their revenue, achieve economies of scale, and enter new markets. Acquisitions may also provide access to new technologies and talent. Additionally, firms may acquire competitors to eliminate competition, gain strategic advantages, or diversify their business portfolio.

Traders Eco will now be managed by the Alpha Capital Group, which ultimately shows that the traders will now have more comprehensive options and diverse markets.

What does this mean?

Lots of new awesome things, including:

  • Return of 100/200k accounts
  • Heavy discount on all plans
  • Introduction 0 commission trading

Any chance for current customers?

The firm also announced that traders would not be affected. Live traders can still trade and will be paid in a timely manner, and traders taking the challenge will be uninterrupted.

Traders Eco and Alpha Capital Group look forward to bringing even more innovation and value to their community. The firm also announced that they have more updates to share. So, stay tuned as we will share them with you.

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