“Meet the CEO” series New Episode: FunderPro!

Have you missed our “Meet the CEO” series? Well, here we are again! For those who don’t know, in this series, we learn a lot about prop firms and their CEO. Every CEO has a unique aim, story, and history. We love that we get to be the ones to share the incredible details of these successful CEO. We hope that these introductions are helpful. That being said, let’s talk about today’s CEO. We are going to introduce today the CEO of FunderPro, Gary Mullen. But before that, let’s dive into some of the details of FunderPro.

FunderPro is a proprietary firm incorporated in February 2023 with an office based in Malta while offering its traders a chance to work with capital up to $200,000. They are partnered with a tier-1 liquidity provider. They grant them direct market access as their broker.

Now, let’s talk about the CEO of FunderPro:

Meet the CEO of FunderPro

Gary Mullen is the CEO of FunderPro. He and his team have worked hard to create a challenge that will be, in his words,” a game changer” in the proprietary trading firm industry. This is due to the fact that they have eliminated all the complicated trading rules. While also presenting traders with unlimited time to complete the challenge.

He and his team are excited to offer traders worldwide the opportunity to showcase their trading skills and trade their capital in order to receive real capital gains. In addition, he also believes that all the additional resources that FunderPro is offering will also help traders improve their trading performance. This means that they will start achieving better results while working with them.

FunderPro was brought to market by Red Acre Group, which is an innovative fintech powerhouse with cutting-edge technology at the heart of its operational framework. Red Acre Group is a leading expert in several advanced industries, including fintech and blockchain technology. The firm offers outstanding business solutions to organizations seeking to outsource professionals. This will help to elevate their operations to new heights. The primary aim of Red Acre Ltd is to minimize the challenges of running a business and devise strategies, platforms, and sustainable solutions for optimal performance and success in the long term.

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