Lux Trading Firm and the World Tour!

Lux Trading Firm Ltd was incorporated on the 27th of January 2021. Lux Trading Firm was formed to bring together people with high-caliber experience to discover trading and investment opportunities. They are a well-capitalized firm that prioritizes its traders’ strategies’ execution, analysis, and growth. They offer their traders up to $10,000,000 account balance in size.

Lux Trading Firm World Tour

Lux Trading Firm is coming to your country! They will be at many different events worldwide this year. The firm got some excellent news for you today. Lux Trading Firm is ready for a World Tour!

First of all, Lux Trading Firm is coming to the Traders Fair Philippines on the 20th of May. Come and visit their booth. You can meet their team and ask them anything you’d like to know about prop trading. They’ll be ready to chat with you. The firm will also explain how anyone can make trading their career. There’ll be thousands of Traders there as every year.

The Traders Fair will be happening in beautiful spaces of the Shangri-La Hotel in Manila. But if the Philippines is too far for you, don’t worry; they plan on visiting many more shows all over the world.

Lux Trading Firm will be in South Africa on the 16th of September. So, if you are one of their Traders from South Africa who would like to help them at the trading show in Johannesburg on the 16th of September, get in touch with them.  

They will also be in London on the 21st of October at the London Trader Show. If you are from the UK and would like to come to the London Traders, show with Lux Trading Firm, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Lux Trading Firm will also visit traders in Vietnam on the 9th of December. They’ll be attending the Trader’s Fair in Ho Chi Minh.  

Help Needed

They will need people from the respective areas to help them with language and other things. So go ahead, comment on the YouTube video, and enjoy the Lux Trading Firm World Tour!

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