The Trading Pit Live Webinar Series: New Episode!

The Trading Pit aims to establish itself as the leading global standard in trading and investing. They provide traders with the necessary knowledge and tools to become successful partners with the firm. To become a funded trader, individuals must pass a challenge demonstrating their trading skills and discipline. If they complete the challenge, they receive a 50% to 80% profit split on future payouts as a reward.

The Trading Pit Free Live Webinar with Bruce

Are you ready for another learning session? The Trading Pit is here with another Live Webinar Episode. Watch this free live webinar hosted by trading expert Bruce Pringle. In this episode, he will uncover the fundamentals of Order Flow and other features in Bookmap.

In this free live session, Bruce will discuss basic and advanced features of Bookmap, such as Stops and Icebergs, filtered heatmaps, and market correlations. He will also reveal how you can integrate order flow analysis with any trading strategy, optimize trade entries and exits, and make more informed trading decisions.

Here are some topics you can learn from this webinar:

  • Identifying market trends
  • Discovering hidden price patterns
  • Understanding order flow like never before
  • Insight on where to move next in the current market.

The session will equip traders with the tools needed for trading more accurately and maintaining a trading edge over the current markets.

Here are the important details of this episode:

  • Topic: Understanding Order Flow in Bookmap
  • Where: Online Via Zoom
  • When: Wednesday 12 April, 2 pm GMT-4
  • Language: English

Learning is crucial in trading because it allows traders to develop the knowledge, skills, and expertise to make informed decisions and manage risk effectively. The Trading Pit Free Live Webinar series with traders the opportunity to learn and enhance their skills. Traders who are willing to invest time and effort into their education are more likely to achieve long-term success in the markets.

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