FunderPro: The Revolutionary Proprietary Firm

FunderPro is a groundbreaking prop trading firm. The firm offers traders the opportunity to trade with real funds and unlimited time to complete a trading challenge. The firm is quickly gaining a solid reputation for its innovative evaluation parameters paired with its TradeLocker platform interface. TradeLocker incorporates charting giant TradingView for an exceptional user experience.

In-app one-click trading, multi-timeframe analysis, superior charting functionality, and drawing tools means a trader has everything they need for unparalleled trading instantly at their fingertips. They are giving them the best opportunity to become a FunderPro-funded trader.

FunderPro’s Key Features: Real Funds and STP Execution

One key feature that sets FunderPro apart from its competitors is the ability to trade with real funds. Challenge winners are awarded real money to trade with on behalf of FunderPro. Additionally, FunderPro’s STP execution ensures trades are moved to the open market. This provides a transparent and efficient trading experience, whereby successful trades mean real wins for the trader and the firm.

The Funded Phase: Up to $200,000 in Real Cash

FunderPro’s funded phase allows traders to access up to $200,000 in real Cash. With the right track record and performance, traders can scale up to $5 million. The best part is that traders take home 80% of every profit realized. Such ample funding allows traders to diversify their trading strategies. It also allows them to test new techniques and explore different financial instruments to add to their portfolios.

Partnership with Formula 2 Driver Ollie Bearman

FunderPro’s strong ambitions to escape conventions and break into the extraordinary are visible through its partnership with Formula 2 Ferrari driver Ollie Bearman. A significant milestone for the industry in general. The partnership with Ollie Bearman will help the brand reach new horizons as it attracts talented ambassadors to take their turn in the driving seat and scale up to $5 million.

Gary Mullen, CEO of FunderPro, said, ‘As a new firm in the prop trading industry, we are always looking for innovative ways to connect with our audience, and partnering with a young, dynamic driver like Ollie is the perfect way to do that. His journey to becoming an F1 driver aligns with the focus and determination of our aspiring trader’s experience in becoming funded traders.’

FunderPro’s Future Outlook: Expanding Footprint and Improving User Experience

FunderPro is focused on expanding its footprint in the industry. They are offering traders access to a broader range of financial instruments and expanding their presence in different regions globally. The company also continuously improves its platform’s user experience. They develop new features and foster a community of funded traders.

FunderPro’s Revolutionary Approach to Trading

In conclusion, FunderPro is a highly innovative trading firm. It offers traders an exceptional user experience with its TradeLocker platform, real funds, unlimited time to complete trading challenges, and STP execution. With its impressive profit share structure, funded phase, and commitment to supporting talented individuals like Ollie Bearman, FunderPro quickly becomes the go-to platform for traders seeking a profitable and sustainable career.

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