Alpha Capital Group x ACG Markets- All you need to know about it!

Every prop firm offers different trading servers. But not all prop firms have their own trading servers. Well, where Alpha Capital Group has many features that make them different, having their own Trading Servers adds to it. Alpha Capital Group has its broker named ACG Markets as their trading server. They are a proprietary brokerage exclusively made for Alpha Capital Group that offers excellent trading conditions.

ACG Markets offers traders the following:

  • Institutional Trading Experience
  • Prime Liquidity
  • Ultra-low Latency
  • Sub 30ms Targeted Execution Time
  • Raw Spreads from 0.1
  • Trading Instruments: Forex Pairs, Commodities, and Indices

As for trading platforms, they allow you to trade on MetaTrader 5. However, you should note that you are able to copy trades from your personal MetaTrader 4 or cTrader accounts.

Alpha Capital Group x ACG Markets

One of the primary benefits of ACG Markets as a partner broker of Alpha Capital Group is its cutting-edge trading technology. These platforms are well-known in the trading community and are renowned for their stability, reliability, and user-friendly interface. They also offer advanced charting tools, real-time market data, and customizable indicators to help traders make informed decisions.

Another advantage of the partnership between Alpha Capital Group and ACG Markets is the competitive pricing. The broker offers tight spreads and low commissions, which enable traders to trade the markets at a lower cost. This is particularly beneficial for active traders who execute multiple trades throughout the day, as the cost

Trading Fees

Trading Commission:

AssetsFee Terms
Forex0 USD/ LOT
Commodities0 USD/ LOT
Indices0 USD/ LOT

ACG Markets provides clients with access to the latest trading technology, competitive pricing, and educational resources, while Alpha Capital Group‘s expertise and experience in the financial services industry ensures that clients receive comprehensive investment solutions. As a result, clients can trade the financial markets with confidence and achieve their investment goals.

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