FundedNext New Weekly Stats for April 15th -21st!

FundedNext offers forex traders up to $300,000 in funds to financially empower them and help them earn full-time. Depending on their preferences, traders can choose from two funding program options: evaluation and express funding. They have offices in the UAE, USA, UK, and Bangladesh while offering traders capital up to $4,000,000 with up to 90% profit splits. FundedNext is partnered with Eightcap as their broker.

FundedNext Weekly Trading Stats

Successful traders can access larger amounts of capital and possibly make even bigger profits because FundedNext uses Weekly stats to assess the performance of its traders and provide funding in accordance. FundedNext statistics show the performance of its traders, including their profitability and risk management. These statistics are based on how much money traders made during a particular time frame.

Now, let’s take a look at FundedNext Weekly Stats for April 15th – April 21st:

  • Total Payout Amount: $1,120,431
  • Total Traders Paid: 603
  • Total Trades Placed: 171,126
  • Total number of Lots: 160,012

Weekly Top Traded Instruments

The firm also shared the Weekly Top Traded Instruments, which are as follows:

  • Top Pairs:
    • GBPUSD
    • EURUSD
    • US30
    • XAUUSD
    • USDJPY
  • Winning Pairs:
    • GBPUSD – 55.13%
    • XAUUSD – 54.51%
    • US30 – 54.11%
  • Losing Pairs:
    • NDX100 – 53.91%
    • CADJPY – 53.55%
    • EURGBP – 53.21%

Top Payouts

Here are the Top payouts for the week:

  1. $38,731
  2. $33,571
  3. $28,247
  4. $27,612
  5. $22,892

The statistics provided by FundedNext take into account the traders’ consistency in performance and capacity to adhere to the company’s trading policies. This makes it possible for the business to fund only the most knowledgeable and reliable traders. These weekly statistics show that FundedNext is performing admirably. We are happy to see the growth of the prop industry, and FundedNext is one of the top companies.

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