FundedNext Roadmap for May- So Many New Updates!

FundedNext is a proprietary trading firm incorporated on the 18th of March, 2022. They strive to provide their traders with a comfortable trading environment. To accomplish that, they have come up with two different funding models. They have offices in the UAE, USA, UK, and Bangladesh, offering traders capital up to $4,000,000 with up to 90% profit splits. FundedNext is partnered with Eightcap as their broker.

FundedNext Roadmap for May

In the last few days, FundedNext has repeatedly mentioned that they have some great things they are working on for the coming days. So, here is the FundedNext Roadmap for May:

New Package: They are working on a very competitive package, which will essentially touch on many different things the community has been rooting for. Feature updates like No Time Limit, Lower Profit Target, etc., are on the table. The firm is carefully assessing data to develop something the community will love.

Swap Free Accounts: Many traders, especially their Muslim community, have requested this update over and over again. They plan to roll out swap-free accounts this week as well.

New Dashboard: FundedNext tech & design team has completely revamped the dashboard. They are ready to release a new dashboard latter part of this month.

AI Tools: FundedNext has some AI tools in the pipeline, which will definitely be aimed towards helping your overall experience with FundedNext. Current ideas in production include a FundedNext AI FAQ Helper Bot.

Smaller Package: The prop firm plans to introduce a smaller package of *6K* size, which is under QA testing and will be launched soon.

Automatic Certificates Traders: Traders can generate their certificates automatically from within the dashboard. An immensely enriched user interface & user experience is about to be rolled out – preferably starting next month.

MT4 Main Label: Just like MT5, in Q1 of 2023, they worked on acquiring an MT4 main label license. After much legal & tech due diligence, they are ready to deploy this as well.

Updating CRM Tool: This is more of an internal update where they are migrating their current CRM tool to a more operationally smoother option.

That’s a Wrap!

So, what are your thoughts on these great updates and the rapid growth of FundedNext?

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