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Ready for some good news? We have it for you. You know, Forex Prop Reviews offer Discounts, Promos, and Cashback Links for various prop firms. But once in a while, we offer special discounts and arrange giveaways too. So, what is it this time we have for our readers? Let us tell you! Forex Prop Reviews is offering a Massive 20% discount for the Prop Firm, The Trading Pit.

The Trading Pit is a growing prop firm that has been receiving a lot of attention lately. And we have seen that this particular firm is always eager to teach their traders more and more. This can be seen through the Live Webinar series they arrange quite often.

The Trading Pit 20% Discount

All the praises aside, The Trading Pit is truly a reputable and legitimate prop firm. They offer a variety of programs to their community. Most prop firms have one type or two types of programs. But The Trading Pit offers its traders two different funding programs to choose from:

  • One-step challenge accounts
  • Two-step challenge account

So, the Discount works for both of the programs. Use our Discount code FPREVIEWS20OFF for a 20% discount.

Also, they offer motivated traders account sizes up to $100,000 with a scaling plan of up to $5,000,000 and a profit split of 50% up to 80%. Please note that this offer is valid for 30 Days! That means this offer starts today and goes till the 7th of June!

  • Start Date: 08/05/2023!
  • End Date: 07/06/2023 (Valid for 30 days only)

Enjoy while it lasts. The Trading Pit has a solid track record of success and has been in the industry for many years, which is a testament to its credibility and reliability. Their commitment to transparency and ethical practices also sets them apart from other prop firms in the market.

You can read about them by clicking on the link. Also, use the following link for registration and purchase.