Alpha Capital Group Minimum Trading Days Update! Another one?

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Alpha Capital Group Minimum Trading Days Update

Is it a day full of Alpha Capital Group Updates and announcements? The prop firm has another update to share with its traders. Alpha Capital Group has recently announced another update about a reduction in its Minimum Trading Day requirement from 5 to 3. This update will take effect immediately and is expected to provide tradeth more flexibility and convenience.

The decision to reduce the Minimum Trading Day requirement was made in response to feedback from traders. Alpha Capital Group believes that this change will help achieve that goal. This Minimum Trading Days reduction update will make it easier for traders to move forward in the next of the program.

Traders at Alpha Capital Group can now take advantage of this new policy and continue to trade account sizes up to $200,000. With the new minimum trading requirement of only three days per week, traders can now have more time to focus on improving their skills. Achieve your trading goals with Alpha Capital Group. This means that if you have achieved your required profit in any phase, you don’t have a five days requirement. Three days are enough, and we think three days are great to complete a phase.

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