Famous Prop Firms CEOs- All in One!

Hello Traders! We are here again with some information that you might need. Whenever we want to join a firm, it is important to know the management of the firm. This knowledge creates a sense of trust and familiarity between the firm and the client. Knowing the team makes you more likely to get involved with a firm. That being said, what is better than knowing the CEOs of the firms? So, here we are again with the list of all Prop Firms CEOs.

Prop Firms CEOs

Let’s get started and get you familiar with the Prop Firms CEOs:

E8 Funding

Dylan Elchami is the founder of E8 Funding. His goal was to strive towards the creation of a unique and approachable way for anyone to become a professional, funded trader, managing capital remotely from anywhere in the world.

My Forex Funds

Murtuza Kazmi is the CEO of My Forex Funds, who is 37 years old and lives in Toronto, Canada. He started working at My Forex Funds six months before they officially went live to the public in July 2020. His position, as previously mentioned, is the Chairman and CEO, who works with other great leaders to steer their funded trader programs to success.

City Traders Imperium

Daniel Martin and Martin Najat are co-founders of City Traders Imperium.

Daniel Martin is one of the co-founders of City Traders Imperium, with more than 20 years of trading experience. He has helped a wide variety of traders become consistently profitable in their trading by focusing on developing their trading psychology and methodology.

Martin Najat, on the other hand, is the second co-founder of City Traders Imperium. He has seen major success as a Smart Money Concepts trader and has become a full-time trader after improving his trading psychology with the help of Daniel Martin.

The 5%ers

Gil Ben Hur is the founder and CEO of The5%ers’ funding & growth program, an innovative proprietary trading firm model. He has a rich history in the forex trading industry, being a full-time individual forex trader since 2007. He is a specialist in order flow and price-action methodologies.


Abdullah Jayed is globally recognized as one of the most promising young entrepreneurs in the digital sector and the retail trading industry. He founded Jayed Corp back in 2016 to create opportunities for employment on a global basis and additionally simplify people’s lives.

Funded Trading Plus

Simon Massey is the CEO of Funded Trading Plus. As a young man, he is an adrenaline-driven person who believed that being a first responder in emergency services would give him satisfaction and a long-term career.

The Funded Trader

Angelo Ciaramello is a 24-year-old entrepreneur from New Jersey that has founded The Funded Trader back in 2020. Angelo and his team developed multiple funding challenges that allow individuals to trade the company’s capital and receive percentage-based profit splits. One of his most outstanding achievements in life was being recognized as one of the top 25 Financial Technology Leaders of New Jersey for 2022.


Otakar Suffner is the CEO of FTMO, who was born and raised in Prague. He believes you don’t need a university education to be a good trader or businessman, although it certainly helps. This was due to having a smaller account since his options were minimal then. As a trader, Otakar is a very statistics-based person who believes in numbers. He likes to focus on probabilities, which enable him to create unique trading ideas.


Gary Mullen is the CEO of FunderPro. He and his team have worked hard to create a challenge that will be, in his words, ”a game changer” in the proprietary trading firm industry. This is because they have eliminated all the complicated trading rules while presenting traders with unlimited time to complete the challenge.

The Trading Pit

Thomas Heyden is the CEO of The Trading Pit. He is a certified financial analyst who has worked for German banks and international investment houses. Thomas has launched and managed multiple investment funds for his own regulated company. He also received the German Fund Award for his investment fund in 2009.

These are not all. We will be adding more information about more CEOs in the near future. If you want more details about the firm CEOs, don’t worry, we got you. Check out our Meet the CEO series.

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