FTUK Funding Program New Updates and Improvements!

FTUK believes that everybody deserves a chance, consequently making trading affordable for anyone who desires to become a successful trader. As their clients master new trading skills and show their results, they trust them more and scale their capital.

They want to deliver enhanced services to their profitable traders worldwide. FTUK is a proprietary firm with an office based in the UK, London. They offer their traders up to three accounts with a $5,760,000 balance in size and use Eightcap as their broker.

FTUK Funding Program Updates

We are convinced that all prop firms have decided to make updates and changes to their funding programs at the same time. May started, and we started to inform you about the May Updates. One after another, a prop firm shared its updates, and now we have another. FTUK, one of the prominent prop firms, has some updates related to their Funding Program.

Presenting the latest improvements to FTUK Funding Programs:

  • The profit Split is 80/20 for all levels. FTUK profit split will be 80/20 for all levels. It is also good to know that Payouts are never being deducted from your forward progression toward the next milestone.
  • Maximum Stop Loss is Now 2%. The maximum stop loss is now required to be set under 2%. Unless you have purchased a “Non-Stop Loss Add-On.”
  • Maximum Drawdown Increased to 6%. All FTUK Funded Accounts will now come with a 6% fixed equity stop-out level.
  • No More Maximum Trading Days. No More maximum trading days for Level 1. This gives you more time to reach the first profit target.

It’s interesting to see how the prop trading industry is evolving and adapting to the current market conditions. These updates and changes could potentially create new opportunities for traders looking to join a prop firm.

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