My Forex Funds and Database Leak. True or not?

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My Forex Funds Database Leak

There is a news circulating claiming to be a “My Forex Funds Database leak.” The prop firm has confirmed that this news contains zero authenticity.

MFF hosting provider, which hosts other tiers one website and companies, has clearly communicated with them. There has not been any database leak or security compromise on their end. They have heightened the security towards them as a precaution.

The information contained in this “leak” seems to be from an old database of another firm. MFF has cross-referenced and found some of the users’ credentials to be working in other firms. This may be due to users’ preference for keeping the same passwords. The prop firm has already addressed that by force resetting the passwords mentioned in the “leak.”

Furthermore, the relevant authorities are already aware of this incident and are in the process of taking the necessary legal action to stop this individual. Canadian authorities have also been engaged in an extortion case to ensure that the person involved is put to justice.

Until the situation is resolved, they have decided to disable discord chat so that they are not spammed by this individual and create unnecessary panic.

Please note that any link sent to you can be used for phishing attempts and can compromise your PC/Phone if opened. Trading platforms have not been affected, and it’s business as usual for MFF traders.

My Forex Funds will update us accordingly as they get more updates. In the meantime, read the Review because MFF is an incredible prop firm. Also, use our discount code (forexpropreviews5) for a 5% discount.