Meet the CEO New Episode: “Smart Prop Trader!”

Another day and another episode of “Meet the CEO.” As we all are aware, we have listed Smart Prop Trader on our website. So, what is better than letting our readers know about the CEO of the firm? So, today, we will be talking about Smart Prop Trader CEO.

Smart Prop Trader CEO

Blake Olson is the CEO of Smart Prop Trader and an experienced finance professional and forex educator. His commitment lies in comprehending complex challenges that individuals encounter when embarking on their trading journey. Like many aspiring traders, Blake initially sought guidance from successful industry players and refined his skills through practice. Throughout the years, he gained a profound understanding of trading strategies by learning from hedge fund managers and through self-study. Eventually, he discovered a consistently profitable strategy. Blake embarked on a career as a trading educator for various firms while sharing trading content on his YouTube channel.

Blake continuously sought increasingly profitable strategies while imparting his knowledge to thousands of traders in various successful methodologies such as Elliott Wave, Wyckoff, Smart Money Concepts, and other lucrative approaches. Despite being skilled in trading on his personal accounts, Blake decided to try his luck with prop firms. After achieving a remarkable 30% return in his initial month as a funded trader at FTMO, Blake expanded his funded account portfolio, managing millions of dollars across multiple prop firms. His fondness for the prop firm model and his desire to push the industry forward led Blake to collaborate with fellow traders. Then he established his own funding company and shaping the present state of the industry. This endeavor resulted in the creation of The Funded Trader. This eventually emerged as one of the leading online prop firms worldwide.

To this day, Blake remains deeply engaged in enhancing the prop firm industry, conducting interviews with prop firm founders, creating review and prop firm ranking videos, and actively working to foster competition within the industry for the benefit of traders worldwide.

About Smart Prop Trader

Smart Prop Trader requires traders to be successful in their two-step evaluation program before being granted access to live-funded accounts and the possibility to earn profit splits. They were incorporated in July 2022/ The firm is also partnered with Eightcap as their broker.

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