FundedNext Weekly Statistics- What’s new?

Get ready for an exciting glimpse into the latest numbers and achievements of FundedNext, the prop firm that never fails to impress! If you’re curious about their recent success and want to stay updated on their progress, you’re in for a treat. From June 3rd to June 9th, FundedNext has shared its weekly statistics, giving us an inside look at its trader’s remarkable achievements. So, get ready to be captivated as we explore the exciting highlights and accomplishments of FundedNext’s action-packed week. Buckle up because this prop firm’s story is about to unfold!

FundedNext Weekly Statistics

Let’s check out their latest Weekly statistics:

  • Total Payout Amount: $1,430,317
  • Total Traders Paid: 931
  • Total Trades Placed: 311,741
  • Total number of Lots: 282,937

Weekly Top Traded Instruments

The firm also shared the Weekly Top Traded Instruments, which are as follows:

  • Top Pairs:
    • XAUUSD
    • EURUSD
    • GBPUSD
    • US30
    • NDX100
  • Winning Pairs:
    • USDCHF – 55.92%
    • USDJPY – 53.60%
    • GBPUSD – 52.73%
  • Losing Pairs:
    • EURCAD – 57.67%
    • AUDCHF – 56.20%
    • NZDUSD – 54.08%

Top Payouts

Here are the Top Payouts for the particular week:

  1. $33,806
  2. $28,373
  3. $27,588
  4. $23,442
  5. $21,442

In conclusion, the weekly statistics shared by FundedNext for June 3-9 provide a glimpse into the prop firm’s exceptional performance and unwavering dedication. With each passing week, FundedNext continues to push boundaries and set new benchmarks in the industry.

About the Firm

FundedNext is a proprietary trading firm that has been developing for two and a half years before deciding it was the right time to go live. They have prepared funding options for traders worldwide while operating from four different locations.

  • Unlimited evaluation-free retries
  • Maximum balance of $4,000,000
  • Balance-based drawdown
  • No time limitations
  • Profit split of 15% for evaluation stages
  • Up to 90% profit split

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