The Funded Trader and the FX Summit Interview with Kimmel!

The Funded Trader shared an interview from the 2023 FX Summit! The newest interview with Kimmel, a prominent and successful trader, is now premiering! Kimmel shared insights on his trading strategies and how he navigates the constantly changing market conditions. He also discussed the importance of risk management and discipline in achieving long-term success as a trader.

Listen as Angelo and Kimmel unit at the 2023 FX Summit. During this captivating conversation, they discuss Kimmel’s decisions to reinvest his earnings and how he secured $1 Million in funding, and they speak about their experiences interacting with traders at the Summit!

The Funded Trader FX Summit Interview

His advice for traders was “First focus on developing a consistent and profitable trading strategy. That’s the key. You need to have a strategy that you believe in, and that has proven to be profitable over time. And then, when you’re going into the challenges, approach them confidently and adapt your strategy to fit the requirements.

Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks; be flexible in your approach. And most importantly, be patient and persistent. Passing the challenges might not happen overnight, but if you stay disciplined and keep improving your skills, you’ll eventually achieve your goals.”

The interview concludes with Angelo and Kimmel thanking one another for the experiences they’ve shared. Go check out the full-length video by clicking the link below:

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