True Forex Funds New Monthly Statistics May Edition!

New and updated statistics for True Forex Funds in May have been released. True Forex Funds has shared statistics indicating that their traders experienced significant success in May, showing substantial payouts. The overall amount distributed during the month was notable, showcasing the company’s dedication to recognizing and encouraging their traders for their exceptional achievements.

  • Funded Accounts Payouts: $3,526,959.66
  • Highest Payout: $56,333.23
  • Number of Payouts: 1176
  • Average Payouts: $2,999.12
  • Most Traded Pairs: US30 & Gold

True Forex Funds May Statistics

Congratulations traders! Altogether, they reached a historical milestone in May. Traders achieved multiple goals: an all-time high payout and a personal payout record! The recently released statistics reveal that the firm achieved great achievements in May, highlighting the exceptional accomplishments and the potential for significant profits. This remarkable payout amount reflects the outstanding performance of a trader who exhibited excellent skill, strategy, and discipline.

By consistently showcasing impressive payouts and success in their monthly statistics, the firm continues to attract aspiring traders who are seeking a rewarding and fulfilling trading experience. Whereas if we talk about the Average Payout amount, you can see that it is nearly $3,000, which is exceptional! The Number of Payouts reflects the continuous growth of the firm, which is increasing day after day. The transparency demonstrates the dedication of the firm to always providing the best to their traders!

About the Firm

Traders at True Forex Funds are encouraged to succeed in their careers. You may trade at your discretion and hold your trades as long as you want, meaning they will NEVER regulate your trading style. All they care about are the loss limits, and their main goal is to contract consistent traders and reward them with their high 80% profit split.

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