Back with a Bang- E8 Funding New Week 24 Statistics!

Look who’s back with some mind-blowing statistics. As a distinguished player in the prop world, E8 Funding Traders have consistently showcased remarkable expertise and exceptional performance. In these latest statistics, E8 Funding unveils the impressive outcomes achieved during Week 24. These statistics reflect their commitment to excellence and solidify their position among the top prop firms in the market.

E8 Funding Week 24 Statistics

E8 Funding weekly statistic for 12-18 June (Week 24) is out!

  • Total Funded: $29,329,000.00
  • Biggest Payout: $27,833.62
  • Total Registered: 2798
  • Average Payout: $3,624.31
  • Average Payout Time: 13 h 29 min. 59 sec
  • Highest RR Trader: 104.74: 1
  • Highest Trade: EURCHF- $53,457.27
    • Open Price: 0.97063
    • Close Price: 0.97256

These statistics not only exemplify their unwavering commitment to excellence but also reinforce their standing as one of the foremost prop firms renowned for their exceptional profitability.

With a total funding amount of $29,329,000.00, E8 Funding shows the credibility of its traders. Moreover, the firm proudly highlights its biggest payout during this period, which amounted to an impressive $27,833.62. This substantial payout exemplifies the outstanding profitability and skill exhibited by E8 Funding‘s traders. Additionally, the fact that they have a total of 2798 registered individuals reflects the firm’s popularity and ability to attract a diverse and talented pool of traders seeking to benefit from E8 Funding‘s exceptional trading environment and resources.

About the Firm

E8 Funding is a proprietary firm incorporated on the 5th of November, 2021. They pride themselves on being one of the first prop firms based in the heart of the USA offering worldwide funding. The firm has offices located in Dallas and Texas in the USA, with another in Prague in the Czech Republic, while offering traders capital up to $1,000,000 in balance with 80% profit splits. They are partnered with a tier-1 liquidity provider that gives direct market access as their broker.

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