Bespoke Funding June Week 3 Statistics- New Ones!

Bespoke Funding has released its statistics for June Week 3, and the results are impressive. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the statistics:

  • Out of all the accounts actively participating in the challenges, 9.56% successfully completed phase 1. This means that these traders met the initial requirements set by the firm.
  • Even more exciting is the fact that 3.77% of active accounts managed to pass the challenges and become funded. This achievement indicates that these traders demonstrated their skills and potential, earning the opportunity to trade with the firm’s funds.
  • The majority of active accounts, 79.21% to be exact, are still actively participating and gearing up for the upcoming week. This high percentage shows traders are committed and motivated to continue their journey with Bespoke Funding.

Bespoke Funding June Week 3 Statistics

In addition to these remarkable accomplishments, Bespoke Funding has allocated an impressive total of $7,280,000 in funding. These statistics showcase the hard work and talent of their traders.

So, if we sum up the statistics, we have the following:

The firm’s commitment to supporting and nurturing traders is evident through the high percentage of accounts that remain active and engaged. Moreover, the substantial amount of funding allocated further exemplifies Bespoke Funding’s confidence in its traders’ abilities. These impressive achievements solidify the firm’s position as one of the leading prop trading companies, and the team continues to excel in its efforts to empower and develop talented traders.

About the Firm

Bespoke Funding is a proprietary trading firm that has a passion for identifying hidden talent in the prop trading industry. They strive to create unique funding opportunities for traders worldwide by creating approachable ways to become a professional, funded trader who can remotely manage their capital.

  • Unlimited trading period to complete evaluation phases
  • Excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.7/5
  • Maximum allocation capital of up to $4,000,000
  • Profit share 75% up to 80%

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