E8 Funding Week 25 Statistics- Good or Great?

If you are looking for some motivation to join E8 Funding, you are at the right place! E8 Funding is said to be the Top Prop Firm; why? Well, that would be evident if you take a look at their Statistics! E8 Funding weekly statistic for 19-25 June (Week 25) is out! This can be the right kind of motivation for you to join them So, do take a look at the numbers!

E8 Funding Week 25 Statistics

This should be your motivation to start trading at E8 Funding. E8 Funding weekly statistics for 19-25 June (Week 25) are here:

  • Total Funded: $29,904,000.00
  • Biggest Payout: $25,912.98
  • Total Registered: 3398
  • Average Payout: $4,171.21
  • Average Payout Time: 8 h 52 min. 3 sec
  • Fastest Phase 2: 11 min, 31 secs.
  • Fastest Evaluation E8 and ELEV8: 2 h. 52 min. 20 sec.
  • Fastest Evaluation E8 Track: 54 min. 7 sec.
  • Highest RR: 104.74%
  • Highest Trade: GBPNZD- $32,064.76
    • Open Price: 2.0745
    • Close Price: 2.0615

Want to make it a little bit more fun? What if we compare these statistics with Week 24? Wouldn’t that let you see if E8 Funding is really the firm for you? So, let’s do it!

Week 25Week 24
Total Funded$29,904,000.00$29,329,000.00
Total Registered33982798
Average Payout Time8 h 52 min. 3 sec13 h 29 min. 59 sec

Isn’t that clear enough? You can see that there is a significant difference between the Two Weeks! E8 Funding Week 25 statistics are a testament to their excellent services as well as their traders. These traders seem to impress us more and more every week. And yet still keep us wanting more statistics! So, looking forward to seeing what they will have for us next week!

About the Firm

E8 Funding has developed a user-friendly experience with essential information every trader needs and the industry’s best technology to back it. The main priority they expect from their traders is that they are disciplined individuals who prioritize managing risk while focusing on long-term consistency.

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Happy Trading!