Introducing Hope Green: First Woman Funded Trader at FunderPro

Prepare to have your mind blown as FunderPro, the prop firm making waves in the industry, welcomes its first woman funded trader on board. Hope Green, a total legend in trading, has opened a Challenge account with $995 and now trades with an impressive $200,000 in funded capital.

FunderPro, which opened its doors in February, is quickly becoming a favorite among traders due to its flexible conditions, fast payouts, and the elimination of time pressure. They are even sponsoring Formula 2 legend Ollie Bearman and introducing the game-changing trading software TradeLocker.

FunderPro First Woman Trader

Hope Green’s journey to becoming an official FunderPro Funded Trader is captivating. In a recent interview with FunderPro CEO Gary Mullen, her story has gone viral. Despite her unconventional trading backstory, she possesses the determination, iron mindset, and skillset required to pass the Challenge.

Many independent traders come from backgrounds in economics or finance, with professional experience in financial roles. However, Hope’s path is different. She works as a Counsellor alongside her trading endeavors, providing life training to homeless youth. This unique skill set has contributed to her success in the FunderPro Challenge. Her experience in creative fields and hospitality has also shaped her entrepreneurial and independent mindset, which she leveraged to excel at FunderPro.

While technical knowledge is crucial in trading, Hope emphasizes that mastering psychology is equally important. Her background in coaching and mentoring young minds has prepared her to regulate her emotions under pressure and maintain a winning mindset. FunderPro recognizes the parallels between racing and trading, and they encourage mental growth in their young traders.

Her Reasons to Join FunderPro

FunderPro stands out in the prop firm industry for several reasons. Their maximum capital of $200,000 may not be the highest, but their flexible Challenge increases traders’ chances of success. Unlike other prop firms with time limits, FunderPro provides a relaxing trading environment. Traders are free to pursue any strategy or style without the pressure of deadlines.

Certain requirements must be met to qualify as a funded trader, such as the Consistency Rule and profit targets. FunderPro ensures that only trustworthy individuals who can manage risk effectively receive funding. Hope’s journey with FunderPro left no doubt in the team’s minds, as she achieved a remarkable 100% winning trades in Phase Two.

Hope’s Strategy

Her trading strategy involves being a break and retest trader who looks for consolidations and traps prices before waiting for breakouts. She places importance on using stop-loss and take-profit orders as “guard rails” and manually closing trades when necessary. She advises against the mindset of “Bigger is Better” and encourages traders to treat their trading as a business, outlining goals and sticking to them.

Hope Green’s journey as the first woman funded trader at FunderPro showcases her determination, skill, and resilience. Her story inspires traders everywhere, and FunderPro continues to provide opportunities for traders to thrive and succeed.

About FunderPro

FunderPro is a proprietary firm incorporated in February 2023 with an office based in Malta while offering its traders a chance to work with capital up to $200,000. They are partnered with a tier-1 liquidity provider that grants them direct market access as their broker.

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