New Weekly Statistics- E8 Funding Week 29!

Welcome to this week’s update from E8 Funding! As E8 Funding shares its latest statistics, Week 29 has proven to be yet another exciting and eventful period for its team of skilled traders. E8 Funding continues to leverage cutting-edge technology and a disciplined approach to navigate the dynamic landscape successfully.

With a commitment to transparency, E8 Funding is thrilled to share their trader’s performance statistics for the week, offering all valuable insights into their trading week.

E8 Funding Week 29 Statistics

Let’s unpack the highlights and key takeaways from Week 29, showcasing how E8 Funding‘s dedication to excellence drives its pursuit of consistent and profitable outcomes.

  • Total Funded: $35,819,000
  • Biggest Payout: $111,427.66
  • Total Registered: 3299
  • Average Payout: $4,451.51
  • Average Payout Time: 6 h 54 min. 19 sec
  • Fastest Phase 2: 12 min, 48 secs.
  • Fastest Evaluation E8 and ELEV8: 55 min. 55 sec.
  • Fastest Evaluation E8 Track: 69 h. 10 min. 36 sec.
  • Highest RR: 34.1%
  • Highest Trade: EURUSD- $45,204.59
    • Open Price: 140.241
    • Close Price: 141.844

In conclusion, Week 29 has been a remarkable and rewarding period for E8 Funding. The week reflects the dedication and expertise of their traders. With a total funding of $35,819,000 and a significant payout of $111,427.66, E8 Funding traders have once again demonstrated their ability to seize opportunities and navigate the markets effectively.

As they move forward, E8 Funding remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, constantly refining its strategies and leveraging the latest technologies to maintain its position at the forefront of the prop trading industry.

We extend our gratitude to E8 Funding‘s dedicated traders, whose expertise has been instrumental in their success.

About the Firm

E8 Funding has developed a user-friendly experience with essential information every trader needs and the industry’s best technology to back it. The main priority they expect from their traders is that they are disciplined individuals who prioritize managing risk while focusing on long-term consistency.

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