My Forex Funds New Exclusive Interview with Eshan!

In an exclusive interview with My Forex Funds, Eshan, a 24-year-old trader, shared his remarkable journey. He demonstrates how dedication and discipline can lead to substantial profits. Eshan, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, runs a popular YouTube channel. He documents his trading experiences and offers valuable insights to his growing community of followers.

Eshan is part of My Forex Funds, a reputable prop firm that supports and assists traders in their pursuit of success. In the interview, Eshan emphasized the importance of backtesting and staying consistent with a proven strategy to achieve profitability in trading.

My Forex Funds Exclusive Interview with Eshan

“I started dabbling into investing back in university, but the returns weren’t exciting enough for me. That’s when I delved into trading, attracted by the activity and potential in the forex market,” Eshan explained.

Over the past four years, Eshan honed his skills through self-learning and joining the Gorilla Trading community. There, he found stability and better results. He shared his insights on risk management, keeping emotions in check, and the significance of being accountable for one’s actions in the trading process.

“My win rate may be around 35%, but my risk-to-reward ratios are usually 4 to 5 R, compensating for the lower win rate. Backtesting my strategy and having faith in my approach helped me remain consistent in my trading,” Eshan revealed.

Eshan has achieved impressive milestones during his journey, earning close to $80,000 in profits from his funded accounts. In February, he experienced his largest payout of $59,717, further validating his trading strategy and approach. He is considering the possibility of mentorship to contribute to the trading community and help others succeed in the forex market.

Eshan’s success story inspires traders worldwide, proving that remarkable achievements in the forex market are within reach with determination, continuous learning, and a solid trading plan. His journey underscores the importance of staying disciplined, sticking to a proven strategy, and managing risk effectively for consistent profitability.

Follow Eshan’s trading journey and learn from his valuable insights here:

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