FTP- New Premium Trader Program and its Trading Rules!

We all know that Funded Trading Plus announced the launch of its New Program Premium Trader Program. The program aims to identify serious and talented traders and reward them for their consistent performance during the two-phase evaluation period. So, today we will discuss Premium Trader Program and its trading rules.

Premium Trader Program Trading Rules

The Premium Trader Program offers participants the opportunity to trade with 1:30 leverage during the evaluation phases. Traders are evaluated based on their ability to meet specific profit targets and manage risk effectively. The evaluation consists of two phases, each with its own profit target – Phase 1 requires a profit target of 8%, while Phase 2 has a profit target of 5%.

One of the critical features of the Premium Trader Program is that funded accounts have no profit targets. This means that once a trader successfully completes the evaluation phases and becomes eligible for a funded account, they can continue trading without the pressure of meeting specific profit targets.

To ensure responsible trading practices, the program has set maximum daily loss and maximum trailing drawdown limits for all account sizes. Participants must adhere to a maximum daily loss of 4% and a maximum trailing drawdown of 8%.

Becoming eligible for a scaled-up account is a significant milestone in the program. To qualify, traders must achieve a profit target of 10% in their accounts. While participants can make withdrawals before scaling up, having a 10% profit in the account is mandatory to progress to the next level.

The introduction of the Premium Trader Program is designed to empower talented traders. This provides them with an opportunity to showcase their skills. With a focus on responsible trading and risk management, the firm aims to create a community of traders who can thrive in their journeys.

About the Firm

Funded Trading Plus is a proprietary trading firm. It was incorporated on the 2nd of November, 2021, and officially launched on the 16th of December, 2021. They have integrated their technology with a broker Eightcap.

They provide simple, straightforward rules, offer up to a 90% profit split, and have competitive pricing. The entry-level program starts from $12,500; you can trade up to $2,500,000.

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