Funded Trading Plus (FT+) Interview with Nkosane!

Funded Trading Plus (FT+) shared an interview with one of their successful traders, Nkosane. He is a seasoned trader with over a decade of experience and has been making waves in the trading world. Since joining Funded Trading Plus, Nkosane’s trading skills have propelled him to new heights, securing gains exceeding $6800. This remarkable achievement showcases his commitment to excellence and determination to succeed.

Nkosane’s journey in the trading realm spans over ten years, during which he navigated various strategies and market conditions. In an exclusive interview with Funded Trading Plus, he shared insights into his path, unveiling both the highs and lows that shaped his growth as a trader. Undoubtedly, his resilience and persistence through the challenges serve as an inspiration to traders seeking success.

Funded Trading Plus (FT+) Interview with Nkosane

Nkosane delved into his early trading days, admitting that he initially started trading after a friend’s recommendation. Despite the initial allure of quick profits, he soon recognized the significance of strategies and effective risk management. Reflecting on the changes in the trading landscape, Nkosane highlighted the increased availability of online resources. He acknowledged that today’s traders enjoy a wealth of educational materials that he wished he had in his early days.

Discussing his strategies before adopting those of ICT, Nkosane unveiled his focus on supply and demand dynamics. These strategies, though fruitful to some extent, led him on a continuous journey of refinement and improvement. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that Nkosane found a turning point, discovering ICT techniques that reshaped his approach to trading.

Nkosane emphasized the paramount importance of risk management. He said that successful trading hinges on managing risk effectively, regardless of the strategy employed. The revelation transformed his mindset and eventually contributed to his rise in profitability. He also advocated for time management and discipline. Drawing from personal experience, he advised new traders to find a balance that prevents burnout and allows for continued growth.

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About the Firm

Here are some interesting facts about the firm:

  • Up to $2,500,000 in capital
  • Profit splits up to 90%
  • A large variety of trading instruments (forex pairs, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies)
  • No minimum or maximum trading days
  • Overnight trading and holding is allowed
  • News trading allowed

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