TFT New Trader Interview with Vilkauss Normunds!

In an enlightening trader interview, TFT had the privilege of engaging with Vilkauss Normunds. He is a trader with remarkable success in the trading domain. Vilkauss shared profound insights into his trading journey, unveiling his strategies and shedding light on the psychological aspects that contributed to his trading prowess.

Vilkauss stressed the importance of maintaining a steadfast and disciplined mindset throughout trading. He underscored the necessity of emotional stability, cautioning traders against allowing negative emotions like anger and sadness to infiltrate their trading decisions. Vilkauss emphasized that maintaining a clear and focused mindset is paramount for consistent market success.

TFT Trader Interview with Vilkauss Normunds

Talking about his challenges, Vilkauss openly discussed the obstacle of losses and the psychological resilience required to navigate them. He conveyed that losses are an inherent aspect of trading. He also advised traders to avoid succumbing to demoralization or allowing losses to cloud their judgment. Instead, he advocated for journaling, enabling traders to maintain a broader perspective on their profitability.

Vilkauss also shared his transition from shorter to longer periods, elucidating how larger time frames provide clearer and more reliable trading setups, effectively minimizing the noise that often plagues intraday trading. He cautioned traders against excessive monitoring of trades, suggesting that once a trade is executed, it is often prudent to allow it to unfold without constant intervention.

Discussing his trading strategy, Vilkauss expressed his firm reliance on supply and demand zones. Vilkauss advocated for a minimum risk-to-reward ratio of 1:3 and encouraged traders to prioritize percentage gains over absolute profits.

There is more to learn from his experience. So, watch the full interview:

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