FundedNext And Deel- The Compliance Review!

There has been uncertainty in the prop industry after the recent incidents. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many organizations associated with prop firms would want to have a clear understanding of where they stand. FundedNext has announced its swift response to an industry-wide compliance review initiated by its payment partner, Deel. This development has sent ripples through the prop trading sector, but FundedNext remains resolute and transparent in its approach.

There are many firms that use Deel as their payment Partner. Deel has asked various firms to share some relevant documents.

FundedNext and Deel – Compliance Review

Within a mere two hours of receiving the notice from Deel, FundedNext promptly submitted all requested documentation and detailed information pertaining to their business operations. This response shows FundedNext’s commitment to transparency and its robust business model. The firm expressed unwavering confidence in its standing and anticipates a successful outcome in the pending compliance check.

FundedNext’s relationship manager at Deel has provided a tentative timeline for the review, with an update expected within the next 48 hours. While this unforeseen situation has arisen, FundedNext assures its clients that there will be no interruptions in payouts during this period.

To ensure seamless withdrawals for its clients, FundedNext has taken proactive measures. All withdrawals will be facilitated through Crypto/Perfect Money during the review process. For clients who had previously opted for Deel payouts, FundedNext encourages them to get in touch with their support team to switch to a Crypto/Perfect Money withdrawal method.

FundedNext quickly reassures its clients that their success and trust remain paramount. The firm is actively and efficiently addressing the current situation.

About the Firm

FundedNext is a proprietary trading firm who have been developing for two and a half years before they decided it was the right time to go live. They have prepared funding options for traders worldwide while operating from four different locations.

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