Updated review about E8 Funding! Best US prop firm

Hello, everyone. So, this time, we are here to present you with a fresh, updated review, and our focus today revolves around E8 Funding and its latest enhancements since our previous evaluation. E8 Funding stands as a firmly established proprietary trading firm, continuously expanding its reach and drawing the attention of traders. Now, its global appeal to traders from all corners of the world has remained fairly undeniable since its incorporation. Let’s dive in and uncover the array of benefits E8 Funding is offering to traders worldwide.

E8 Funding Updated Review

E8 Funding stands as one of the leading proprietary trading firms in the entire industry. Incorporated back in November 2021, and that really marked the beginning of quite a remarkable growth trajectory. Now, the headquarters of E8 Funding is situated in Dallas, Texas, but let’s dive right in and take a look at the different funding program options that they are offering to their traders.

E8 Funding Evaluation Programs

So, there are three different programs to choose from:

E8 Funding offers its traders two different programs to choose from:

  • E8 evaluation program accounts
    • Normal E8 evaluation program accounts
    • Extended E8 evaluation program accounts
  • E8 Track program accounts

They want to identify serious and talented traders who are rewarded for their consistency in the evaluation period.

What Makes E8 Funding Different?

So, what makes E8 Funding different from some other prop firms that are out there? Well, they differentiate themselves due to offering three different funding programs. All a little bit different. They really have no restrictions, almost only trading style—you can trade during news, hold trades overnight, during the weekends. They have very relaxed trading rules with almost no restrictions, one of them being the unlimited trading period, minimum, and maximum, allowing traders to really take their time with the evaluation process and reach funded status.

Free Trials

E8 Funding is also one of the few prop firms that have an option of a free trial, giving their community a chance to really test their trading conditions and prepare themselves, consequently reducing the chances of errors when they actually decide to purchase any of the three evaluation programs.

There are far more details, so why don’t you see the Video:

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