Prop Firms September Updates! ALL IN ONE!

Hello everyone, welcome back! Well, another month has come to a close, and we’ve now ended Q3, and we’re beginning Q4 of 2023. So, this time, we’re excited to share the latest updates from 13 of the leading prop trading firms for the month of September. Now, these updates include a range of modifications, such as adjustments to trading objectives and rules, the introduction of new features, as well as the removal of certain existing ones. 

Prop Firms September Updates! 

Let’s take a look at them one by one:

E8 Funding

Alright, first up, we have E8 Funding, and they’ve made two changes during September.

  • Now the first one was the removal of the ELEV8 evaluation program.
  • The second change that took place was the reduction of the leverage. The leverage has been reduced up to 1:50, depending on the trading instrument. 


FundedNext is the second prop trading company that introduced a new update during the month of September.

  • They’ve proudly announced the expansion of its linguistic capabilities. So, FundedNext’s website is now available in a total of nine languages, which is incredible, demonstrating a really strong commitment to its diverse and global community. 

My Forex Funds

The third company that we’ll be mentioning is My Forex Funds. Now, as you may have heard, at the start of September, the whole proprietary trading industry was a little shaken by the information that My Forex Fundshad their business frozen by the regulatory bodies within the USA and Canada. So, their accounts were frozen by these regulatory bodies, preventing them from the ability to continue operating as usual. 

In addition, keep in mind that the previously scheduled date for the hearing, September 13, 2023, has been extended and will now actually take place on the 31st of October, so in a couple of weeks’ time at the time of recording.

True Forex Funds

True Forex Funds is another company that’s made a change throughout the last month.

  • They’ve introduced a new evaluation program, which is a one-step evaluation that is now available to traders all across the globe to participate in. 

City Traders Imperium

Another company that introduced a couple of changes in September is City Traders Imperium.

  • Now, the first update they proudly introduced is their new revolutionary dashboard, a game-changing development. 
  • Secondly, they’ve also made some changes to the trading instruments they’re offering, well, indices, to be exact. They have introduced three new indices that their community can now trade while working with the company, and these are RUS2000, SSW20, and N25. 

Finotive Funding

Next up will be Finotive Funding. Now, they’ve introduced three very, very beneficial updates.

  • The first update was the introduction of free trial accounts. 
  • Now, the second update was regarding all instant funding accounts. So, breaking free from traditional constraints, the company has officially removed the 90-day limit on instant funding accounts, 
  • Lastly, the third update was the introduction of the Finotive Forecast, a revolutionary weekly market forecast that will be presented every Monday. 

Blue Guardian

Blue Guardian is actually the second company that’s introduced a new evaluation program in recent times. So, the same as True Forex Funds, they’ve also introduced a new one-step evaluation program called the Rapid Guardian Program.

Bespoke Funding

Bespoke Funding has also introduced an update during the last bit of time, mainly through September. So, traders who successfully complete Phase 1 of their evaluation will now receive their trading credentials in an instant via email. 

TopTier Trader

Next up is TopTier Trader, and they’ve implemented two changes.

  • The first update was regarding their newly launched website design.
  • The second update, on the other hand, was the introduction of a much-anticipated 5K challenge account size. 

Audacity Capital

Audacity Capital they’ve also made some changes throughout the month of September, three to be exact. And three updates were regarding their ability challenge.

  • So, the first change was the implementation of a long-awaited unlimited trading period that is now available during both evaluation phases of the ability challenge.
  • The second implemented update was the reduction of the minimum trading day requirement.
  • The third update was regarding the profit split. So, traders who have successfully achieved funded status and a 10% profit during a single trading period will now be eligible to receive an 85% profit split. If the 10% profit isn’t reached, the profit split will stay at 75%. 

Glow Node

Glow Node is a prop trading firm that’s also announced a single update during September, which is a customizable funded program. So, this program enables traders to define their own rules and preferences essentially. 

Goat Funded Trader

Goat Funded Trader is a company that’s introduced the highest number of updates throughout September, five to be exact.

  • Now, the first update was the implementation of a fidelity program, which is a unique program that unlocks special benefits for Goat Funded Traders
  • The second update was the implementation of a one-step evaluation program with one of the best trading objectives and rules within the industry.
  • Now, the third and fourth updates were regarding the commission structure. So, the change of commission charges for commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies to $5 per round lot. Approximately a week later, there was the removal of commission fees for all indices and cryptocurrencies.
  • Now, the last update, on the other hand, was the introduction of a new account size. So, you can now access a $5,000 account if you choose the no-time limit or classic two-step evaluation programs.

Lux Trading Firm

And the last prop trading firm that we’ll touch on today is Lux Trading Firm. Now, they’ve introduced three significant updates.

  • The first one was the launch of the Lux Trader, which is a platform that promises to revolutionize trading by seamlessly merging Lux Trading Firm’s funding and direct liquidity connections with the advanced charting capabilities of Trading View.
  • The second update was a new crypto program where traders will gain access to an incredible portfolio of around 500 cryptocurrencies.
  • The last update was the launch of yet another program, this time a new stocks program where traders will gain access to more than 12,000 individual stocks while having no time constraints, meaning that traders will not be pressured by time. 

For details about these Prop Firms September Updates, watch the video:

Well, these have been the September 2023 updates and changes from these proprietary trading firms. We can see that the pace and evolution in the proprietary trading industry are accelerating, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, which is great for all of us traders. 

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