CTI Trader Vassil Interview- $100K Funded Trader!

In a recent interview, City Traders Imperium (CTI) shared the inspiring journey of Vassil, a professional Forex Trader from Bulgaria, who has achieved remarkable success. Vassil generously shared his experiences, detailing his path through the highs and lows, wins and losses, and the determination that propelled him toward becoming a fully funded trader.

Vassil’s journey into the world of trading began over a decade ago when he had a memorable yet not-so-positive experience. He admitted to trying his hand at trading, initially treating it as a form of gambling, lacking proper risk management, research, and stop losses. This carefree approach, although momentarily successful, ended in significant losses.

For several years, Vassil held regular jobs, primarily in the hospitality industry. However, the year 2020 brought about a significant turning point. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted him to reevaluate his career choices and seek additional income sources.

City Traders Imperium (CTI) Interview with Trader Vassil

His dream was to be independent, free from the constraints of traditional employment. Trading seemed like the key to unlocking that dream. Vassil’s commitment to learning led him to explore various educational resources. He diligently read books and watched countless videos, always seeking ways to enhance his knowledge.

Crucially, he encountered a valuable mentor, Jordan, from Conquer Trading and Investing. This mentor introduced him to essential trading concepts, including support and resistance levels, key market points, and the psychology behind trading decisions. However, Jordan primarily focused on swing trading, aiming to capture longer trends and turning points, which became the foundation of Vassil’s trading strategy.

Four months ago, Vassil discovered CTI and decided to give it a try. This decision came after extensive research on numerous firms and brokers. His dedication to finding the right fit for his trading journey led him to CTI.

Recently, Vassil achieved significant success with his trading endeavors. He openly shared that he earned $10,000 in a single week. This is an accomplishment that many would consider equivalent to a year’s wages. There is more to it, so why don’t you watch the full interview:

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