FundedNext Trader Alican Interview- $13,843 Profit!

In a recent FundedNext Trader interview, Alican Ozcan, a skilled trader from Turkey, provided a glimpse into his trading journey and strategies. Ozcan, currently balancing a role as a project manager for a major airport project and his passion for trading, shared valuable insights. Alican Ozcan, residing in Adana, Turkey, opened up about his background and his recent return to the project management role after a brief stint as a full-time trader. Despite his dual responsibilities, Ozcan has successfully integrated trading into his schedule, often focusing on the New York session and seizing trading opportunities when time permits.

FundedNext Trader Alican Interview

Primarily a technical trader, Ozcan delved into his preferred trading pairs, including Euro/USD, Gold/USD, GBP/USD, HF/USD, and Japanese Yen/USD. He emphasized reliance on technical analysis, particularly order blocks and breaker candles, to identify potential trade setups. During the interview, Ozcan discussed a specific trade on GBP/USD from July 27, showcasing his meticulous approach. He highlighted the importance of identifying order blocks and fair value gaps, emphasizing a keen eye for changes in market structure on lower timeframes like one or two minutes. Ozcan disclosed his preference for reversal trading, targeting high-probability entry points with a risk-reward ratio of at least 1:5. He emphasized the significance of managing risk and maintaining a disciplined approach in the dynamic forex market. The trader also shared how he incorporated concepts from renowned traders like Phantom and expressed his ongoing efforts to evolve into a trend-following trader.

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