Prop Firm without any rules? Here is Glow Node Review!

Howdy, guys! This time, We are presenting you with a fresh review, and our focus today revolves around Glow Node and the benefits that they’re offering to their community. Now, our goal at Forex Prop Reviews is to equip you with firsthand, highest-quality information about these reputable prop trading firms so you can choose the one that suits your specific needs.

Now, Glow Node is a prop trading firm with a track record of over a year. They’ve caught the interest of retail traders by providing a wide range of opportunities for those looking to excel in the world of prop trading.

Glow Node Review

So, let’s dive in and have a good look at what Glow Node brings to the table. Glow Node established itself as a fairly prominent player in the prop trading firm industry, even though it only entered the scene back in April 2022, so give or take about 18 months ago at the time of recording. They are located based out of London, UK.

They offer traders two distinct funding programs:

  • One-step evaluation program
  • Two-step evaluation program

Two-Step Evaluation Program

Let’s take a look at the two-phase valuation program account first, which is, of course, aiming to identify talented traders who are, in turn, rewarded for their consistency throughout the two-phase evaluation period. You do have 1:30 leverage here as well.

  • Phase one requires a trader to reach a profit target of 8% while not surpassing their 5% maximum daily loss or 10% overall maximum loss. Now, when it comes to time limitations, you’ve got none during phase one. There is no maximum or minimum. So, in order to proceed to phase two, you’re just required to reach your 8% profit target, obviously without breaching those maximum daily or overall loss limit rules.
  • And then, in phase two, you’ve got to hit a profit target of 5%, and you can’t surpass the 5% maximum daily loss or 10% overall loss rules once again. Again, there are no time limitations to get through to phase-funded status. You are just required to hit that 5% profit target; don’t breach your loss rules.
  • By completing these evaluation phases, of course, the goal is to be awarded a funded account where you’ve actually got no profit targets again. You’re just required to respect your loss rules.

One-Step Evaluation Program

Moving on to the one-phase evaluation program account. So, they allow traders to meet the evaluation requirements in an unlimited time period. Again, you’re also working with 1 to 30 leverage.

  • Now, the evaluation phase requires you to reach that profit target of 10%, but this time, you’ve got a 4% daily loss and 8% overall trailing loss rules. So, you’re allowed to trade for that unlimited time period. You’ve just got to hit the profit target—no minimum or maximum trading days to proceed to funded status.
  • And then, once you get to a funded account again, you’ve got no profit targets. You’ve got a 4% daily and an 8% maximum trailing loss rules. You get bi-weekly payouts. Profit split again, 80%, increasing up to 90% once you scale your account as well. 

What Makes Glow Node Different?

So, what makes Glow Node different from other prop firms? Well, they’re young and hungry and passionate, which you can’t fault someone who’s passionate. They’ve got these two unique funding programs, obviously, the one and two-step evaluations, but the ability to customize those evaluations is almost unheard of. And they almost have no restrictions on your trading style as well. 

There are a lot of details that you don’t want to miss, so why don’t you watch the video:

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