FundedNext Trader Awaise Interview- $18,588 Profit?

In a recent FundedNext trader interview, seasoned trader Mohammed Awaise Khan shared valuable insights into his trading journey and strategies. Khan, known for his success in the forex markets, is currently trading with FundedNext. Hailing from Hyderabad, India, Khan began his trading journey in 2019, navigating the Indian stock market before expanding his horizons to international markets. He emphasized the importance of a solid trading strategy and the need for continuous practice to build confidence. Khan credited FundedNext for being a game-changer in his trading career, offering exposure to the prop firm industry. The 15K account provided by FundedNext allowed him to trade Forex, particularly focusing on the Euro/USD pair.

FundedNext Trader Awaise Interview

Khan’s strategy revolves around Smart Money Concepts (SMC) and Inner Circle Trader (ICT) concepts. He primarily operates as a day trader, focusing on liquidity sweeps during the Asian range. His approach is to keep it simple, targeting a 1:2 risk-reward ratio with a strong emphasis on discipline. The trader exclusively trades Euro/USD, leveraging the excellent trading conditions provided by FundedNext’s MT5 platform. Khan highlighted the platform’s low spreads, even during high volatility periods, and expressed satisfaction. Khan follows a rule of not taking more than two losses a day. If a loss occurs during the London session, he may consider trading the New York session, depending on the market conditions. His disciplined approach involves thorough backtesting and journaling of trades. Currently managing a 115K account with FundedNext, Khan is on a path to pass a 200K account in the coming weeks. His risk management strategy, limiting each trade to 1%, and his consistent application of the 1:2 risk-reward ratio have contributed to a win rate above 60%. Here is the Full Interview:

About the Firm

FundedNext is a proprietary trading firm incorporated on the 18th of March, 2022. They strive to provide their traders with a comfortable trading environment. To accomplish that, they have come up with four different funding models: Two-step Stellar, One-step Stellar, Evaluation, and Express. They have offices located in the United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh while offering traders capital up to $4,000,000 with up to 90% profit splits. Also, don’t forget to read the Review or use our Discount Code (FOREXPROPREVIEWS) for a 10% Discount.