The Trading Pit Interview with Gladys Aguero- $14,000+ Profit?

In a recent interview with The Trading Pit, Gladys Aguero, a talented Forex trader from Argentina, shared her journey to success. With an outstanding track record, Gladys has achieved three payouts, totaling an impressive $14,366.342, and has reached Level 4 in The Trading Pit’s CFDs Executive Challenge. Hailing from Argentina, Gladys stumbled upon The Trading Pit through advertisements about a year ago. Intrigued by the challenges offered, she dove into trading this February. Gladys credits the continuous improvement in The Trading Pit’s format and trading conditions for her success, facilitating her scaling and rewarding efforts over the months.
The Trading Pit Interview with Gladys

The Trading Pit Interview with Gladys Aguero

Gladys achieved a significant milestone by successfully reaching Level 4 in The Trading Pit’s CFD Executive Challenge. Surpassing level 3 and attaining an 8% gain on a $150,000 account marked a defining moment in her trading career. Initially overwhelmed by the magnitude of the account, a pivotal piece of advice from Christopher, a representative from The Trading Pit, helped her navigate challenges and ultimately secure a $12,000 gain. Gladys attributes her success to a strategic approach based on the daily cycle of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. By analyzing the Tokyo Stock Exchange session and capitalizing on market volatility during the London market opening, she executes swift trades, allowing her to navigate in and out efficiently. While Gladys doesn’t consider her trading approach particularly strong, she boasts a consistently high win rate. Her best trade resulted in a 5% gain, with occasional instances of up to 8%. Surprisingly, she notes that some of her best trades have emerged from overcoming significant losses. Click here to read the full Blog!

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