Blue Guardian Weekly Podcast- Ready for it?

Blue Guardian is once again excited to extend a warm invitation to its weekly server podcast, which is happening every Wednesday at 16:00 GMT. This weekly podcast offers a unique opportunity for traders to stay updated on the latest market trends, gain insightful analysis, and share perspectives with the Blue Guardian community.

As the year draws to a close, Blue Guardian is going to provide valuable insights into the ever-changing market landscape. This weekly podcast has become a staple for those seeking a deeper understanding of market dynamics and a chance to connect with fellow traders.

Blue Guardian Weekly Podcast

Blue Guardian Weekly Podcast

This week is no exception, as three fortunate participants will be randomly selected to receive a 25,000 Rapid Guardian Challenge account. This exciting giveaway has become a tradition, adding an extra layer of anticipation and engagement to the podcast.

Blue Guardian eagerly awaits the traders’ attendance and encourages everyone to help spread the word. Whether you’re a seasoned trader looking for the latest insights or a newcomer eager to learn, the Blue Guardian podcast provides a welcoming space for all. The tradition of awarding three lucky participants a 25,000 Rapid Guardian Challenge account adds an element of excitement, making each episode a must-attend event.

Blue Guardian expresses gratitude for the ongoing support and looks forward to the camaraderie as traders come together once again to share perspectives and celebrate the dynamic world of trading. Join the community at 16:00 GMT for a memorable podcast experience – an opportunity to cap off the week with market wisdom and, for some, a chance to start the new year with a valuable trading account.

Join the Blue Guardian community today at 16:00 GMT for another insightful podcast, and who knows, you might be one of the lucky winners walking away with a Rapid Guardian Challenge account! 

About the Firm

Blue Guardian is a proprietary trading firm incorporated in June 2019. They went public in September 2021 and started offering traders a chance to work with capital up to $2,000,000 in balance with 85% profit splits. They are also partnered with Eightcap and Purple Trading Seychelles as their broker.

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