Bespoke Funding Trader Ausnair Interview- His Journey & Insights!

In a recent interview, Canadian trader Ausnair, trader of Bespoke Funding, opened up about his transformative journey into the world of trading. Ausnair’s insights shed light on his experiences, challenges, and personal growth since venturing into trading in July 2020.

Ausnair, currently residing in Canada, traces his trading origins back to his time in Dubai, where he spent most of his life. Having encountered the world of trading in 2020, Ausnair admits to making every mistake in the book but emphasizes the valuable lessons learned along the way.

Bespoke Funding Trader Ausnair Interview

Originally from Iraq, Ausnair moved to Dubai in 2001, witnessing the city’s rapid transformation over the years. He describes Dubai as an inspiring yet challenging environment that fosters industriousness and a drive for success. Ausnair engaged in various ventures, including the food and beverage industry and finance, before fully immersing himself in the world of trading.

Ausnair believes that trading is not just a financial endeavor but a constant journey of self-discovery. The discipline required in trading has instilled patience and humility in his character. He emphasizes the importance of assessing risks, both in trading and everyday life.

The trader acknowledges that trading has played a significant role in shaping his personality. The constant need for self-assessment and risk evaluation has translated into improved patience and a forward-thinking mindset.

Ausnair highlights the challenge of staying away from the charts, emphasizing that successful traders must find a balance between active trading and allowing trades to play out. He notes that continuous development is essential, as traders need to be aware of their weaknesses and learn from past mistakes.

Also, Ausnair expresses gratitude for the Bespoke Funding, which has been instrumental in his trading journey. The program has provided support and resources that contributed to his success as a trader.

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Bespoke Funding Trader Ausnair Interview