Audacity Capital Trader Henoc Interview- $15,000 Funded Trader!

In an exclusive interview with Henoc, a trader from Audacity Capital, they delved into his recent success as he achieved his first target on a $15,000 trading account. The milestone marks a significant achievement for Henoc, highlighting the success of Audacity Capital’s unique funded trader program.

In the interview, Henoc shared insights into his journey as a trader, starting back in 2019 with binary options before transitioning to standard Forex trading. He balances his trading endeavors with being a personal trainer and a boxer, showcasing discipline in various aspects of his life.

Henoc’s trading strategy revolves around market structure, Fibonacci, and a top-down analysis. He emphasizes the importance of support and resistance, using Fibonacci retracements and extensions to identify key levels and set target points. His approach involves a meticulous grading system for setups and managing risk with a disciplined mindset.

Audacity Capital Trader Henoc Interview

While Henoc acknowledged that his progress was initially slow, he expressed gratitude for Audacity Capital’smodel. The fixed lot size approach, coupled with a focus on intraday and swing trading, provided the patience and consistency he needed to refine his strategy.

In terms of risk management, Henoc grades his setups, with A+ setups allowing for a higher risk percentage, up to 2%, while other setups adhere to a standard 1% risk. He credited Audacity Capital’s model for helping him evolve as a trader and as an individual.

Reflecting on his journey, Henoc admitted to initially neglecting Audacity Capital in favor of other ventures. However, he emphasized that the program’s flexibility and lack of time constraints played a crucial role in his development as a trader.

Henoc expressed his appreciation for Audacity Capital, stating, “Because of your model, I have evolved my game and my strategy, and I think I’ve become a better person. I want to thank you for that.”

As Henoc continues to grow his capital, he mentioned working with other companies in the past but expressed his commitment to Audacity Capital, leveraging his recent payout to further his trading endeavors.

Here is the full interview:

About the Firm

Here are some important facts about the firm:

  • Scaling plan
  • No time limit on your scaling plan
  • Overnight holding allowed (Monday – Friday)
  • Fixed absolute drawdown of 10%
  • Excellent customer support

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Audacity Capital Trader Henoc Interview