New Year & A Massive Discount- Direct Funded Trader Discount!

With a Massive New Year Party comes a Massive Discount! Today seems to be the perfect day if you want to start your Trading Journey with a Prop Firm (Because it’s the first day of the New Year). Today, on our suggestion list, we have the Newest Listed firm on our website, Direct Funded Trader. Direct Funded Trader is a proprietary trading firm that has developed unique funding opportunities for traders from all across the globe. They have an extensive vision that includes groundbreaking technology and modern solutions for traders who are looking for opportunities to take the next step in their careers. The best part? We have a discount code (FOREXPROPREVIEWS) for the Direct Funded Trader, which will get you a Massive 60% Discount!

Direct Funded Trader Massive 60% Discount!

So, here is the step-by-step guide on how you can get the Massive Discount.

  • Firstly, let’s go to their website. As you can see, the picture shows that you have to Sign up. So, sign up by providing the information needed.
  • The next screen will show you that you need to confirm your email and log in.
  • Now, you will have the following screen. On the bottom left corner, there is an option to “Get Funded Now.” Click it!

On the next screen, as you can see, are options from which you can decide which program to choose. Direct Funded Trader offers its traders two different programs to choose from:

  • Evaluation Program
  • Fast Funding
    • Standard Fast Funding
    • Aggressive Fast Funding
  • As you can see, we have already applied the Discount Code (FOREXPROPREVIEWS), and the discount is applied already.
Direct Funded Trader 60% Discount
  • Now, on the right side of the screen, you will find this. You have to add your Card details to finalize the Payment and Click “Pay.”
Direct Funded Trader 60% Discount

And that’s it! You have a Massive 60% Discount. But that’s not all. We have also prepared a Review for you. Click here to read the In-depth details about Direct Funded Trader.

Direct Funded Trader Discount