Best 10 Prop Trading Firms of December 2023!

Hello, everyone! Today, we’re going to be looking into the world of prop trading firms, specifically the top 10 firms for December 2023, which we have ranked based on our personal experience with the companies. Now, we will be giving you a very brief overview of each company, discussing some of their offerings to traders worldwide and, in particular, highlighting some of the feedback they’ve received from their community.

Best 10 Prop Trading Firms of December 2023!

Let’s dive into the ranking of the best ten prop trading firms for December 2023.

Smart Prop Trader

Commencing our countdown at the 10th spot is Smart Prop Trader, an innovative proprietary trading firm that started operating in July 2022. They’re located in the heart of Texas, USA. But what distinguishes Smart Prop Trader is its offering of a diverse range of two-step evaluation account sizes. There’s a total of five account sizes to choose from. What’s particularly noteworthy is that irrespective of the account size you opt for, you automatically become eligible to participate in their scaling plan by just meeting their criteria.

The 5%ers

All right, next up is The 5%ers. They have been around since April 2020, operating out of London, UK, and they’ve certainly established themselves as one of the prominent players in the trading landscape. What sets them apart, though, is their diversified amount of funding programs. They’ve got two-step evaluations, a three-step evaluation, direct funding options, and scaling plans for all of the accompanying programs they have there. So, something for everyone.


And for good reason, coming in next is SurgeTrader, a prop trading firm that entered the scene back in September 2021, based out of Florida, USA. Look, they’re becoming a very prominent player in the industry. They’ve got a fairly strategic approach because they extend two unique funding programs for traders to choose from: the one-step audition and the two-step audition program.

The Funded Trader

All right, up next is The Funded Trader, a prop trading firm that has been a driving force in the industry since May 2021. They’re also based out of Texas and stand out as a really important player in the United States prop trading landscape. Essentially, The Funded Trader distinguishes itself by presenting a diverse range of funding opportunities. So, traders can choose from four unique programs, including three two-step evaluations: the standard, rapid, and royal programs, and a single one-step evaluation known as the Knight program.


Coming in next is FundedNext, a prop trading firm that officially entered the scene back in March 2022. But they’re certainly distinguishing themselves as a global player. They have two geographical locations: a presence in the UAE and Bangladesh, but they extend an international invitation to traders. They offer a diverse array of four distinctive funding programs: two one-step evaluations and two different two-step evaluations, all of which have a scaling plan upon successful funding as well.

True Forex Funds

Alright, so True Forex Funds. They found themselves on our list for good reason. They’ve been operating since October 2021, based in Hungary. But True Forex Fund stands out as a prominent player in the prop trading landscape. They’ve opened their doors to traders worldwide. You’ve got a one-step evaluation program and a two-step evaluation program to cater to diverse trading preferences. They offer three different two-step account types: Standard, Quick Funding, and Limitless Funding. But notably, upon qualifying and achieving funded status, traders do gain access to True Forex Fund’s scaling plan, ensuring there’s an opportunity for capital growth across any of their funding programs.


Up next is Fidelcrest, a prop trading firm company that we have talked about many, many times here. They’ve been around since September 2018, based out of Cyprus. But they’ve made a significant mark in the industry. They stand out from being one of the early adopters in the prop trading firm industry. They also have a two-step evaluation program, providing traders with the flexibility to choose between two account types: Normal Evaluation Accounts and Aggressive Evaluation Accounts.


Alright, coming in next, we’re on the home stretch here, guys. FTMO is a prop trading firm that’s been a pioneer in the industry. They came in back in September 2015. But they extend offerings to traders worldwide, even though they’re based out of Prague in the Czech Republic. And they present an industry-average two-step evaluation program. Now, what sets FTMO apart is the additional inclusion of a scaling plan, as well as a newly implemented premium program, which provides traders with expanded opportunities if they consistently demonstrate profitability.

Funding Pips

Alright, coming in at the penultimate position is Funding Pips, a prop trading firm that commenced operations back in August 2022. They’re based out of Dubai in the UAE. Funding Pips has really swiftly made quite a mark in the industry. So, they offer a lot of great opportunities for traders. They present a single but very comprehensive two-step evaluation program. It’s got very straightforward trading rules, and it is very easy for traders to navigate the evaluation process.

E8 Funding

Last but certainly not least, clinching the top spot here is E8 Funding, incorporated back in November 2021, based out of Dallas, Texas. Another Texas-bred prop trading firm. They’re doing something right out there in Texas with the trading world. But E8 Funding offers traders a very distinctive choice between two funding programs: the E8 Evaluation Program features two account types, normal and extended, and on the other hand, the E8 Track Program provides an alternative avenue for traders seeking a unique approach to their evaluation journey.

But that is definitely not all the details of why these firms stand out as the Best Prop Firms for December. So, why don’t you see the Video:

Well, that concludes our December 2023 ranking of the top 10 prop trading firms. And again, we’ve based this ranking on our own firsthand experience with these companies. Now, if any of the highlighted firms piqued your interest, we do encourage you to look into our in-depth reviews available on our website. 

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