Direct Funded Trader Review & A HUGE DISCOUNT!

Hey guys! This time, we’re here with a brand new review for you. We’re going to Review Direct Funded Trader, which is one of the newly featured proprietary trading firms that are listed on our website. Now, they are one of the newer prop trading firms that are offering numerous attractive features to traders all across the globe. But, that being said, let’s have a deeper look and check them out in more depth to see what they’re actually offering to traders.

Direct Funded Trader Review

They were incorporated earlier this year, in February 2023. They’re located out of the United Arab Emirates, and they offer traders the choice between two unique funding programs. They have a two-step evaluation and fast funding, which is a one-step evaluation with standard and aggressive account types.

Direct Funded Trader Funding Programs

So we’ve got two different programs again:
  • The evaluation program, an industry-standard two-step program
  • Fast Funding, a one-step evaluation with the standard and aggressive types.

Scaling Plan

Keep in mind that no matter which program you choose, you will be able to qualify for scaling if you meet certain criteria. So, each time your account grows by 25%, you will qualify for an account increase of 50% based on the initial account size. And that means you can actually scale your account all the way up to $1 million in capital.

What Makes Direct Funded Trader Different?

Well, they do have fairly high-profit splits. They can use very popular platforms in MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5, and you can hold weekend positions as well. But that’s not all. They’ve got two unique funding programs. So there is really something there for everyone, really tailoring to different unique styles of trading. But they’ve also got fairly relaxed trading rules. The drawdowns are pretty low; their profit targets are very reasonable. You can take your time with the evaluation process given that unlimited trading period. So, really, traders can get to funded status at their own pace with very realistic trading objectives to follow and conditions to follow to receive payouts.

Trading Instruments

In terms of trading instruments, Direct Funded Trader allows you to trade Forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Your leverage is going to vary from 1:30 up to 1:100, depending on the funding program that you’re actually trading with. This is just the tip of the Iceberg. For more details about the firm, why don’t you watch Review?
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Direct Funded Trader Review