FundedNext February Competition- Who’s Ready?

FundedNext has announced the commencement of its February Trading Competition, inviting traders to showcase their skills and compete for a staggering prize pool exceeding $30,000. The competition also features a substantial $2.757 million in Challenge Account rewards.

With a prize pool exceeding $30,000, this competition provides a unique opportunity for traders to demonstrate their expertise and vie for substantial Challenge Account rewards totaling $2.757 million.

Traders from around the world can participate in this exciting event, put their trading strategies to the test, and compete against their peers for significant rewards. The competition aims to foster a spirit of healthy competition and provide a platform for traders to showcase their talent and prowess in the forex markets. FundedNext is known for its commitment to fostering talent and providing opportunities for traders to excel in a competitive environment.

FundedNext has announced the commencement of its February Trading Competition, inviting traders to showcase their skills.

FundedNext February Competition

  • The competition boasts a generous prize pool exceeding $30,000, providing participants with a substantial incentive to perform at their best.
  • In addition to the cash prizes, FundedNext is offering Challenge Account rewards totaling an impressive $2.757 million.
  • Traders from all corners of the globe can register and participate, making this competition a truly international event.
  • The competition serves as a platform for traders to showcase their skills, strategies, and market insights.
  • Interested traders can register for the competition starting now, with the actual trading event scheduled to kick off in February.

FundedNext’s February Trading Competition promises to be an exhilarating event, bringing together a community of passionate traders eager to test their abilities and compete for substantial rewards. As the registration period is now open, traders have to seize this opportunity to participate in one of the most anticipated trading competitions of the year.

About the Firm

Here are some interesting facts about the firm:

  • In Development for 2.5 Years Before Launching
  • Excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.7/5
  • Five Unique Funding Programs
  • Developed a Mainline MT5 GrowthNext Server
  • Developed a Mainline MT4 Incenteco Server
  • Professional Trader Dashboard
  • A large variety of trading instruments (forex pairs, commodities, indices)

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